13 Dec Fishermen’s Huts: An Essential Part of the Ibiza Landscape

When one speaks of the Ibizan coast one always refers to the hidden coves, of transparent waters and colors that oscillate between turquoise and emerald over the sandy seabed, to the dark green and deep blue tones of the Posidonia Oceanica sea meadows. In these descriptions, however, a unique and characteristic element of Ibiza usually goes unnoticed, one that forms...

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15 Nov Ibiza In Winter: The Other Side Of The Island

All those who know well the island and have visited it in different times of the year agree: Ibiza has two faces. Some even say it has many more, and highlight its chameleonic ability to adapt to the needs, desires and excitement of each person. Whether or not they are right, there is no doubt that wintertime Ibiza is radically different...

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14 Oct ‘Greixonera’ and Other Sweets of Ibiza

The formula of the Ibizan cuisine responds to multiple variables: the huge amount of foods and produce that the island generates, the cultural legacy of the different civilizations that have inhabit it, the food conservation needs back when there were no appliances, and a population with multiple festive rituals where gastronomy has always occupied a prominent place. Like the savory...

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23 Sep The ‘Llaüt’, The Hallmark Of Ibizan Fishermen

Es Torrent wouldn’t be the same without its fishermen, who provide us with the best fresh fish and seafood, thanks to ancient techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Their fresh catch is the starting point on which we build our cuisine, but they also have a prop on which they base their work. They have their fishing...

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10 Aug Ibiza, The Best Kitchen Garden In The World

Today, Ibiza is a worldwide known island, with an economy based on tourism and complementary services. It has hotels and accommodation of all kinds and tastes, from casual to the most luxurious, and the dining options have nothing to envy to any other tourist destination. However, the current lifestyle of Ibiza is relatively new, since it comes from the 70s...

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06 Jul ‘Ibizan Cigala’, An Unknown Delicacy

The ‘Ibizan Cigala Real’ (in English, Norway lobster or langoustine) is one of the most delicious, surprising and exclusive delicacies of Ibizan cuisine. Inside the thick shell of this crustacean, whose appearance may be somewhat unattractive and even prehistoric, awaits an intense seafood flavor with a texture that reminiscent of the island’s red lobster. Its originality and outstanding quality make it...

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16 Jun Geographical Indications and Quality Marks of Ibiza

For gastronomy aficionados, the first thing that catches the attention of an island with such a limited territory like Ibiza is the extraordinary variety of products and elaborated foods. The self-sufficiency culture that existed until the late twentieth century has evolved into a cottage industry that helps keeping the flavours and characteristics of yesteryear, providing restaurants with exquisite products and...

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24 May Thirty Year Anniversary for Es Torrent

Time flies and, as this summer rolls round, it will mark thirty years since we first opened our doors to the public. It almost seems like yesterday, but, somewhere along the line, the rustic wood shack we started out in has been refurbished and enhanced with more comfortable amenities. We’ve come a long way since our early days and it...

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