Five desserts from Es Torrent that are already a classic

Our seafood cuisine is what has always given us prestige. Our loyal customers often come with the illusion of enjoying that ‘bullit de peix’, that fideuà or that lobster with fried eggs again. Our chef, Pepe Tur, and his entire team do their best to achieve the highest quality in these dishes and also a uniform and recognizable flavor that does not vary from season to season, with the aim that the new gastronomic experience coincides with the one remembered on previous occasions. This philosophy not only applies to the salty world, but also to the sweet world, in which we recreate ourselves with a dessert menu that is evolving but that maintains a series of emblematic recipes that we maintain in response to the demands of our guests. These five elaborations are especially representative:

Strawberries with pepper: One of the biggest surprises that comes out of our kitchen. Chopped strawberries flambéed in liqueur, seasoned with a touch of pepper, served with artisan vanilla ice cream. The contrast between the heat of strawberries and their silky, slightly gelatinous texture, with the cold of vanilla and the spiciness of pepper is unique. This dish stars in the image that heads this post.

Greixonera: The pudding par excellence of Ibizan gastronomy, which is made with milk, eggs and ensaimadas, among other ingredients. In Es Torrent, we also add raisins. Already on the plate, we sauce it with a little caramel and accompany it with a tablespoon of whipped cream and basil.

Pineapple gratin: This ideal summer dessert blends two classic flavors from the island’s restaurants. The natural pineapple, which we select so that it has a maximum point of sweetness and maturity, and the Catalan cream, that delicacy made with eggs, milk and cinnamon, among other products, that is burned on top. We complete the plate with strawberries and a little whipped cream.

Lemon cake: This homemade recipe, made with fresh lemons from Ibiza, is one of the most successful on the menu, due to its freshness and slight acid touch. Silky and smooth cream, on a bed of biscuit, that leaves no one indifferent.

Tiramisu: The Italian classic with lots of mascarpone and intense coffee. It is also a very summery dessert, as well as international. We make it with the best quality ingredients. Sweetness, bitter touches, smooth texture… A delight.

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