The feast

Our dishes

What follows is a selection of our signature dishes with their descriptions. We have included starters, dishes to share, main courses and some desserts. You can also check our full menu, desserts menu and wine list.


Every day we bring from market the most prized varieties of the Pitiusan sea: St. Peter’s fish, grouper, scorpion fish, dentex, seabream… First we cook it in the oven in its own juice for exactly the right amount of time, and then we grill it lightly. It comes served with Ibicenco pan-fried potatoes.

Fresh fish of the day

Our selection of grilled island fish is an equally intense but lighter dish, perfect for comparing the different flavors and textures of the Mediterranean.

Mixed fish grill

In Ibiza there are various and interesting fish stew recipes. Bullit de peix is ??the most original one, distinctive and unmistakable because it is flavored with alioli sauce, which we mix in during cooking. Then we add ‘arroz a banda’. We also offer other typical fish stews from the island (‘guisat de peix’ and fish with salmorra), which we prepare our own way.

Ibizan fish stew

The perfect finish for the bullit de peix is ??a mild rice dish that follows as the second course. It is made with the highly concentrated ‘fumet’ broth that is generated from the stew, the alioli and a bit of cuttlefish. The experience is total if eaten straight from the pan.

“Arroz a banda”

There are as many fish paella recipes as cooks. Ours is based on the quality of produce, the intensity of our special ‘fumet’ and the maximum precision in cooking time. In addition, we also prepare different variations on the same concept: blind paella (without fish bones or shells), black rice (with squid ink) and seafood rice (with a soupy consistency).

Fish paella

Blind paella, also called ‘arroz del señorito’ (gentleman’s rice), is unique in that it is served without bones or shells. The customer need only concern himself with enjoying his meal. We make it with plenty of fish and seafood.

Blind paella

They say that fideuá and paella differ only in the substitution of rice for fine noodles. Nothing is further from the truth. The liturgy hides important nuances. We like to serve it “bristling”, with the fine noodles pointing heavenward.

Fine noodle paella

Historians say that the Punic people cooked salted fish in antiquity. We have resuscitated this Mediterranean alchemy at the request of our customers. We pack coarse salt around fresh sea bass to obtain the texture and juiciness that only this ancient technique can bequeath. Alternately, we bake the bass in the oven.

Salted Sea bass

Ibiza’s flagship seafood is lobster, which reaches top levels of quality. We prepare it in multiple versions: boiled, fried, grilled, in stews…always to the diner’s preference, and always applying the delicacy that such an exceptional food requires.

Spiny lobster

After many requests from our customers, we have incorporated this dish that combines the wonderful red lobster of Ibiza with fried eggs from our pen. A delicacy that combines flavors of sea and mountains.

Spiny Lobster with fried eggs

With a flavor as intense as lobster though less sweet, this variety of lobster (Scyllarides Latus) is one of the gifts offered by the Pitiusan sea. Its adaptability to different cooking techniques is remarkable, but we like to make the most of it grilled and in stew.

Cape Town lobster

Our fish-tank is always stocked with national lobster of the best quality. As with the Spiny lobster, we prepare it in a variety of ways: boiled, fried, grilled, in stews … always to the diner’s preference.



Here, sea cucumbers are known as espardenyes. Formerly, fishermen used their pink flesh as bait for bream. Today they are highly appreciated for their simultaneously tender and crispy texture, and for the intense flavor of shellfish. We prepare them sautéed with a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of garlic and parsley.

Sea cucumbers

The ‘Aristeus antennatus’ or Ibizan red prawn is another emblem of island cuisine, thanks to its intense flavour. With a bright red colour and a big head, they are caught in the Ibiza Channel, at about 600 meters of depth, in a dark, cold, predator-free environment, where they feed on algae. Slightly grilled on a bed of salt, they are exquisite tasting.

Ibizan red prawns

With a delicate and intense flavor, the Norway lobster (Nephrops Norvegicus) is a crustacean that abounds on the coast of Ibiza. It is an essential ingredient in the rice and noodle dishes prepared in Es Torrent. Alternately, a quick sizzle on the grill renders this lobster irresistible.

Norway lobster

In the homes of Ibizan fishermen, squid is prepared a thousand different ways. At Es Torrent we like to enjoy it in its most basic form: sautéed with garlic and parsley. As so often happens, quality is king.


In Ibiza there are no clams, so they are imported from the Atlantic, whence they come still alive. We cook them in a pan, with just a bit of seasoning, to preserve their essence and freshness.


Mussels constitute one of the tastiest mollusks due to their intense briny flavour. Our restaurant guarantees the best quality and calibre available today. We prepare them in a variety of ways: steamed, marinated, in sauce, etc.


‘Galanes’, ‘loritos, ‘papagayos’, ‘pámpanos’… These fish have many names, but in Ibiza they are known as ‘raors’ or ‘raons’. They constitute one of the most prized delicacies of the Mediterranean. With a bright pink colour, this flat species lives buried in the sandy seabed, and is known for its oily skin and fine and delicate meat. It is prepared by frying, for only the blink of an eye, in plenty of searing hot olive oil.


An unusual seafood that, in Ibiza, tastes like nowhere else. We boil the snails for just the right amount of time and serve them with the sauces of ‘romesco’ and sour pepper, olive oil and lemon.

Sea snails

At Es Torrent we always offer our customers an assortment of top quality oysters, to be enjoyed raw. We serve them the best champagne.


Bluefin tuna is one of the most representative fish in the Mediterranean and the Pitiusa Islands. We marinate and season it with salt and pink pepper, then we add some olives, pickled chili pepper and a tasty dressing.

Marinated tuna

This is the quintessential Mediterranean tapa and one of the most ordered starters. The secret is the freshness of the fish and the maceration recipe.


A classic Spanish seafood dish, made with fresh octopus from Ibiza. When it reaches the right texture in the cauldron, we season it with paprika from La Vera, salt flakes and extra virgin local olive oil.

Galician-style octopus

Declared the best ham in the world, we always keep in store a fine leg of acorn-fed Iberian boar. Cured with sea salt for over 36 months, this is a true culinary gem from Guijuelo and the pastures of Extremadura.

Cured Iberian ham ‘Joselito’

Under the sun of Ibiza the sweet, juicy melons mature. We combine them with cured Iberian ham in the most classic style to create a simple, fresh, summery starter.

Melon with cured Iberian ham

Crispy mixed lettuce leaves, tasty ripe tomato, onions, black olives, sweetcorn, etc. all harmonize to create a light vegetarian dish of locally grown vegetables picked at the moment of optimum ripeness.

Mixed salad

It’s hard not to love this combination of tasty Ibizan ripe tomatoes, Italian buffalo mozzarella, lettuce leaves, a touch of basil, oregano, Ibizan extra virgin olive oil and creamy balsamic vinegar dressing.

Mozzarella salad

This is one of our most summery salads, made with fresh, vine-ripened garden vegetables from the island and topped with our favorite tinned tuna.

Tuna salad

This Galician delicacy is now grown in multiple environments. We serve them fried to perfection and sprinkled with coarse salt.

Padrón peppers


The contrast of heat and cold in this dish is extraordinary . The strawberries are sprinkled with black pepper, flambéed and served with vanilla ice cream.

Sautéed strawberries with black pepper

We use half a pineapple as the base, then cover the bottom with vanilla ice cream, add the heart of the chopped pineapple, douse well with Cointreau and smother the top with Catalan custard… a sin to share between two.

Pineapple au gratin

This is probably the juiciest, most delightful pudding in Ibicenco cuisine. It is made with day-old pastry, eggs and milk. We like to add raisins.


A classic Italian dessert, which in Es Torrent we prepare with our own special touch. We like it for its freshness and the wonderful contrast between the sweet creaminess of the mascarpone cheese and the sharp bitterness of the coffee and cocoa.


This has become one of the most popular desserts among our regular patrons. Delicate, intense, fresh and surprising.

Lemon pie