‘Bunyols’, the typical sweet of the traditional festivals of Ibiza

Formerly and even today, in some towns, on the eve of the feast of the local patron, a group of women meet in a house and prepare bunyols according to the traditional Ibizan recipe. The preparation, therefore, is already part of the party, because in the process of cooking news and jokes are exchanged, enjoying an evening integrated into the festive ritual.

The Ibizan fritters are never lacking, therefore, in the great celebrations, not only patronal, but also in weddings, the day of the slaughter of the pig, popular dances in the wells and fountains and many other festivities, both public and private. It is a simple sweet to make but that requires some skill and experience when adjusting the measurements of the ingredients.

Although each family has its recipe and tricks when preparing them, the fritters have a mixture of flour, potato (which can also be substituted for pumpkin or apple), seeds and anise liqueur, eggs, sugar, orange juice and lemon. and yeast, among other ingredients.

With these ingredients a thick, but liquid dough is prepared, which is then fried in plenty of sunflower oil in a cauldron or deep frying pan, with the help of a tool that shapes the sweet units. Once fried, you have to let them rest until they cool down and, before serving, sprinkle them with sugar.

Unlike the crispy fritters that are produced in other Spanish latitudes, its texture is soft and fluffy. They are a real pleasure and can also be found in some traditional pastry shops, which offer them daily, making it possible to consume them at any time of the year.

In the surroundings of Es Torrent it is common to enjoy them in the patron saint festivals of Sant Josep and Es Cubells, but also many other days, such as when charity festivals or collections are organized. Nobody should leave Ibiza without trying them, as they are a true example of Ibizan gastronomic ingenuity, that with a few very modest ingredients you can get a spectacular and unforgettable bite.

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