13 Jun Ibiza: Sunset Territory

Ibiza can be described in many ways. Its cuisine, for example, though not touted as broadly as its other attractions, constitutes an extraordinary aspect of the island experience. The same holds true for its stunning scenery and distinctive geography. In this regard, its sunsets rank highly. Ibiza is renowned for the spectacular way the sun drops into the sea, and...

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17 May Fideuá: a Dish Born of Improvisation

It often happens in gastronomy that improvisation and fortuity are cited as the inspiration for some of the world’s most iconic dishes. How, for example, did anyone ever come up with the idea of crushing garlic in a mortar, adding a slow trickle of oil and stirring constantly until aioli formed? And, was it really a case of absent-mindedness that...

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25 Apr Es Vedrà: Ibiza’s Most Impressive Islet

Ibiza is an island surrounded by many islets, which give its horizon a unique beauty. The coast of the southern half concentrates an endless succession of reefs, some of them very close to Es Torrent. The most important one, without doubt, is Es Vedrà, although to see it you have to move away from the shore. It is an unusual...

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01 Mar The Red Potato of Ibiza: Recovering a Delicacy

Gourmets have long appreciated the excellence of the Ibicenco potato. We islanders are big fans of the tuber and grow it in large quantities, both for our own use as well as for commercial outlet in markets, hotels and restaurants. Ibiza’s irrigated lands – stunning in their reddish hues that range from ochre to garnet – are rich in iron...

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09 Feb Ibiza: A Territory of Pirates and Corsairs

One of the island’s most unique points of interest is found in the port of Ibiza town and it’s shaped like an obelisk. Those who come and read the legend engraved on it are often astonished, as the monument pays homage to Ibizan corsairs. There is no other in the world except the statue dedicated to Sir Francis Drake in...

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21 Jan The Churches of Ibiza: Metaphor of a People

One often wonders how an island as small as Ibiza can have a cuisine as broad, varied and elaborate – even intricate – as it does. Some dishes, like salsa de Nadal (Christmas sauce), bullit de peix (stewed fish) or sofrit pagès (mélange of meats) require a labor-intensive preparation quite beyond what daily life would have allowed for. To understand...

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03 Jan Red Lobster: Ibiza’s Exquisite Treat

In Ibizan cuisine there is no other crustacean more highly valued than the red lobster (Palinurus Elephas) ​​that breeds along our coast. At Es Torrent we prepare it in different ways as its succulent flesh and concentrated flavour admit multiple elaborations: in stew, flambéed, grilled, sautéed with garlic and chili. Some customers even ask us to accompany it with fried...

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