01 Feb The Mussel: Another of Es Torrent’s Star Ingredients

The red prawn, the lobster, the crayfish, the clam, the razorfish, the oyster…these exquisite varieties of seafood are known all over the world thanks to their gastronomic excellence and superb flavor. There is, however, another shellfish, just as delicious but less touted – perhaps due to its easy availability and reasonable price at the fish market – so much more...

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24 Jan The Gastronomy of Ibiza: legacy of the island’s ruling civilizations

Ibiza’s gastronomy cannot be understood without considering the great civilizations that dominated the island and contemplating the legacy they left. Although many cultures disembarked on this island throughout history, there are four that had a determining influence: the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Moors and the Christians. Aiboshim Archaeologists assert that Ibiza has been inhabited since the year 5,000 BCE. However, it was...

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06 Dec Sobrasada and Butifarra: Ibiza’s Traditional Sausages

In a previous post  we discussed the pig slaughter, one of Ibiza’s most important gastronomic traditions, as well as the typical dishes that are prepared in conjunction with this festive occasion. Today we will turn our attention to the sausages that come from it: sobrasada (red sausage) and butifarra (black sausage). In days gone by, Ibiza was an island on which...

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01 Dec Ibiza, an island without fish auctions: a history of professional fishing

The history of Ibiza cannot be understood without its fishing activity. Thanks to archaeologists, we now know that even in Phoenician and Carthaginian times there was organized fishing. The industry escalated under the Romans, who set up factories to preserve fish and garum – the ketchup of the day, made from fish flesh and innards – products which were then...

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02 Nov Flaó: The Cake with the Longest History on Ibiza

Few elements demonstrate the cultural mélange of the Ibicenco people as palpably as their gastronomy. Ibiza was inhabited by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and Catalonians, among other civilizations, all of whom left their mark in the form of a unique culinary heritage. Despite the passing of centuries and the development of taste preferences and available produce, this legacy is still...

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01 Nov Market Hopping in Ibiza

Much of a restaurant’s magic resides in the market produce that goes into prepping its menu. The quality of these ingredients, in turn, depends on securing trustworthy suppliers, who can guarantee steady deliveries and the top quality we require. At Es Torrent, we have quite a few direct suppliers (fishermen, farmers, olive growers, butchers, etc.) but, mostly, we go to...

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19 Sep Dried Figs: Sweet Nectar of Ibiza

In bygone days, the people of Ibiza organized their existence around laying in enough food to sustain them. Summer constituted the most fertile time of year and farmers developed a multitude of techniques to preserve the season’s bounty so that it would tide them through the winter. One of the best examples of their resourcefulness can be found in the...

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01 Aug ‘Roja’, Exquisite Sea Devil

The scorpion fish (Scorpaena scrofa), on the island known as ‘roja’, is one of the tastiest fish in Ibiza. Many fishermen have felt the effects of its poison when trying to release it from the hook once caught. They usually end up with a very swollen hand and one has to be very skillful to release it, putting the thumb...

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