Organic farming in Ibiza, an expanding sector

If there is one sector that evolves favorably in the countryside in Ibiza, it is that of organic farming, which produces an increasing number of healthy products of the highest quality. In 2021, this sector generated sales of 1,37 million euros and provided employment to about 370 people in Ibiza and Formentera, more than half of them fixed.

Half of the income obtained from organic farming was from the sale of vegetables, such as those with which we prepare Es Torrent salads and which also serve as a basis for countless stews. After the vegetables, the grapes destined mostly to make organic wines were the best-selling genre. Other star products of the island are organic carob, with which flour and other products are made, and olive oil.

It is also important to highlight the sustained growth in the number of hectares, since according to data from the Balearic Council for Organic Agricultural Production (CBPAE), Ibiza registered a total of 1,023 hectares dedicated to organic production in 2021, which represented a growth of 29% compared to 2020. In ten years, between 2011 and 2021, the organic agricultural area has increased by 217% in the Pitiüses, from 322 hectares to the 1,023 mentioned last year. They account for 8.8 per cent of the island’s crop and pasture area. This figure, however, is still a long way from the 25% that the European Union intends to achieve by 2030.

A large part of these areas are integrated into the Association of Producers of Organic Agriculture of Eivissa and Formentera (apaeef), which was created in 2001 with the main objective of promoting organic farming and defending the interests of local producers. The collective includes about twenty farms in Ibiza and different agricultural producers and different associated services, such as several cooperatives. In addition, they offer training courses for new farmers and manage school gardens, to raise awareness among new generations of the importance of growing healthy, high-quality products.

In Es Torrent we consider that the production of organic farming in Ibiza is one of the greatest gastronomic treasures that can be offered. In our recipes we use vegetables from the island and we can guarantee that their quality is comparable and even better, by proximity, than can be found anywhere else, both by flavor and nutritional qualities.

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