Ibiza Seafood Poker

The recipes made with local fish, with dishes such as‘ bullit de peix ’, barbecue or seafood rice, are the best known in Ibiza. The island’s sea, however, provides a seafood of extraordinary quality, with four essential products: red shrimp, lobster, Norway lobster and Royal Norway lobster. Below, we explain why they are so special and how we like to prepare them at Es Torrent.

The Ibiza red shrimp (Aristeus antennatus) lives on sandy bottoms, about 600 meters deep, safe from predators. It feeds on algae that do not perform the photosynthetic process, which contributes significantly to its characteristic flavor and a higher concentration of fat, which gives it a juicy texture that is unique in the world. Although the variety is identical to the one caught, for example, on the Costa Brava, its living conditions are radically different. We like to prepare it on a bed of coarse salt, in a special griddle that emits little heat, and that allows it to be cooked very slowly so that it retains its juices. It also accompanies paellas and noodles.

The red lobster (Palinurus Elephas) that breeds on our coast is another essential bite of the island. Its smooth meat and concentrated flavor allow multiple elaborations: in a kettle, flambéed, grilled, sautéed with garlic and chilli or even with fried eggs. At Es Torrent we keep it in our nurseries, where it is kept in perfect condition. Both the food and the habitat that the red lobster enjoys on the island give it unique characteristics and flavor.

With a texture and size similar to that of the lobster, we find the Ibizan Royal Norway lobster (Scyllarides latus), although the shape of its head is different. Its originality and extraordinary quality make it worthy of being included in our menu as one of the star dishes. We usually prepare it grilled or in a kettle, although its tasty tail is also ideal as the main ingredient in a paella or a warm rice, or simply sautéed with olive oil and seasoned with a touch of garlic and parsley.

Finally, another delicious and abundant bite on the island: Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus).  Fishermen fish it with a lot of control, maintaining it in the state of the fishing grounds. They are so tasty that our customers eat them like pipes. We usually prepare them on the grill, split in half, and they do not need anything more than a point of salt, since their flavor is very concentrated. We also usually incorporate them into paellas.

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