10 essential seafood and shellfish from Ibiza

The sea of Ibiza offers an extraordinary variety of marine species that make up an essential part of gastronomy and local recipes. There are small varieties of rock fish, which make up the main ingredients of sea broths and which can also be tasted grilled, stewed, etc. In this post, however, we are going to focus on the most prestigious varieties of cut fish, seafood and some surprises. In Es Torrent, although we like all fish, we highlight these ten species:

· Red lobster: The most recognized and valued crustacean that breeds on our coast. We prepare it in different ways because its smooth and concentrated flavor meat supports multiple elaborations: caldereta, flambeada, grilled, sautéed with garlic and chilli and, of course, with potatoes and fried eggs.

· Red shrimp: For many, this crustacean rivals lobster in quality. Its size, intense color and powerful flavor make it an unusual snack. We prepare it on a special griddle, over low heat, on a bed of coarse salt.

· Raor: Its color and flat appearance always attract attention. It’s small size, with delicate meat, is enjoyed fried without flour, thanks to its gelatinous skin that withstands the heat of the oil. A delicacy also known as a “lorito” that we serve daily at Es Torrent.

· Grouper: The popular saying “from the sea the grouper and from the land the lamb” already establishes its quality. For many, the best fish that Ibiza offers. It accompanies paellas, soupy rice, bullit, stew and grilled or baked is a delight.

· Roja (scorpionfish): In few places the red scorpionfish has a flavor as intense as in Ibiza. This spiny fish, with a striking red color, has the finest texture on the island. It is eaten grilled, baked, in bullit…

· Dory fish: It is located in the top of the best cut fish and reaches high prices in fishmongers. It always accompanies groupers and scorpions in bullit, guisat… But baked, fried or grilled is a delicacy.

· Ibizan lobster: Despite the prehistoric aspect of this crustacean, it constitutes a real delicacy. It is similar in size to the lobster and the flavor is also very similar. It is made in the same way.

· Espardenya: This equiderm is a surprising snack, due to its flavor and, above all, its texture. Actually the espardenya is the stomach of the ‘sea cucumber’ and is enjoyed sautéed, with a little garlic and parsley.

· Dentex: It stands out for its compact and exquisite meat, and rivals the other cut fish on the island when it comes to contesting the throne for the best fish. Many Ibizan people choose it first and it is not so frequent to find it in restaurants. The best way to enjoy it is in the oven.

· Servia: is the blue fish per excellence in Ibiza and off the island it is also known as lemon fish. It is very popular in Japanese restaurants. It is served grilled or barbecued with other fish.

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