Spiny Lobster with fried eggs, the summer dish

If there is a dish that symbolizes this 2019 summer it is the spiny lobster with fried eggs. Although we have been preparing it in Es Torrent for more than five years at the express request of our clients, we have ended up incorporating it to the menu due to the enormous popularity it has acquired.

In our kitchen we only prepare this dish with Ibizan red spiny lobster, caught by fishermen from the brotherhoods of Ibiza. They are perfectly recognizable by the yellow-greenish label of the Peix Nostrum brand, which guarantees their capture following artisanal and sustainable methods. It is very easy to appreciate this identification in the copies that we keep in the nursery.

As can be seen in the previous video, our chef, Pepe Tur, prepares this dish taking great care of cooking times and always using live product. It is one of those recipes that can be described as infallible. In fact, eggs and potatoes alone are already delicious, so if we also incorporate a shellfish as noble and tasty as the lobster of Ibiza and permeate everything with the oil that contains its essence, we obtain a real delicacy.

A spiny lobster that weighs around 700 grams and one kilo is usually served for two people. The Ibizan variety, unlike others, is raised in the rock, not in the mud. In addition, the Mediterranean is not as warm as other seas. All this gives it a more intense and tasty flavour. It is a unique product in the world, which only exists on our islands, and of which we can be proud. Bon appetit!


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