The evening version of Es Torrent

An important number of our clients consider their visit to Es Torrent as a long day at the beach, which is combined with the possibility of enjoying the Ibizan cuisine that we offer in our restaurant. Many of them rent a hammock, sunbathe, bathe in the crystal clear water of the cove and, when the time comes, enjoy the paella, fideuá, lobster or the ‘bullit de peix’ that they have previously ordered. However, Es Torrent also has a magical night version, which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds this peaceful shore from sunset until midnight.

Some of the clients that frequent the restaurant during evening meal hours tell us that the most attractive aspects for them is the romantic atmosphere of the beach and the tranquility that is enjoyed. Lighting is one of the essential factors, with spotlights that point to the cliff that embrace the terrace and tables with dim light that invite conversation with greater intimacy. Some evenings, we also count on the soft music of our pianist, Victor Gressely, whose repertoire fits perfectly with the peaceful atmosphere of the shore.

The menu is the same as the one at lunch time, but it is wide enough to offer multiple possibilities to those looking to enjoy a lighter meal, with salads, grilled or salted fish, seafood… Or to enjoy the most robust recipes of the typical seafood cuisine of the island, to those who want it.

An evening meal at Es Torrent is a unique and completely different experience from the one you live during daytime. You just have to try it to understand it. Bon appetit!

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