Salted Seabass, inheritance of the Dead Sea

They say that the origin of salted fish is to be found in the Dead Sea, where the fish were covered with clay. In any case, this technique, which in Es Torrent we use daily, especially with seabass, is very old and widespread throughout the Mediterranean.

The technique consists of covering the fish with a crust of coarse salt before baking it. In this way, the seabass is cooked in its own juice, acquiring a soft texture, tender and almost creamy. Contrary to what one might suppose, this technique does not leave an excess of salt on the plate, but the flesh acquires what it needs to be cooked perfectly.

The rest of the salt, on the other hand, absorbs the fats, making possible an extraordinarily healthy and ideal dish for dieters or those who want to take care of themselves. The technique, although it is more popular in seafood restaurants, with fish such as bream and turbot, in addition to the aforementioned seabass, is also used on other foods, such as meats and vegetables.

This dish, however, has another advantage: the possibility of serving it in front of the customer, a custom that in Es Torrent we acquired many years ago. As soon as the seabass comes out of the oven, we place it on a tray and take it to the table, still covered by the salt crust. Next, with a few taps the white blanket cracks and opens. The salt is then removed, the skin of the fish is cleaned and the flesh, white and without bones, is served on a plate. We usually accompany it with our traditional potatoes, fried peppers, and baked tomatoes. Without a doubt, it is one of the great specialties of our restaurant. Bon appetit!

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