Parrillada, a dish to enjoy the fish of Ibiza in its purest state

The most famous and requested seafood dishes in Ibiza consist of elaborations that, while respecting the purity of the product and its intrinsic flavor, also incorporate different condiments. The most recurring examples are the ‘bullit de peix’, with its ‘all i oli’ sauce tempered with broth, paellas, ‘guisat de peix’, salmorra …

All of them are very characteristic dishes of the menu of Es Torrent that our customers enjoy intensely, since they often repeat and keep requesting them season after season. However, there is a dish also characteristic of the island, which allows you to enjoy the essence of the most important fish in our sea, with hardly any dressings: the parrillada or fish grill.


This dish has three secrets that makes it exquisite: the freshness of the genre, the variety and perfect cooking. First, like the other dishes mentioned, it must be made with very fresh fish, freshly caught. Secondly, the ideal is that in a parrillada ration at least three different fishes are combined, of the most prestigious varieties: grouper, red scorpionfish, John Dory, amberjack, bream… And finally, you have to point out that the border between a well-made and overcooked fish is extremely thin. The grill must be handled by experienced hands to be able to cook the fish at its right point, without overcooking it.

The dish is also served accompanied by other seafood varieties, such as squid, prawn from the island, mussels, clams… All seasoned lightly with garlic and parsley. In addition, we incorporate potatoes, peppers and fried garlic to the plate. It is, without a doubt, one of the healthiest and most appetizing elaborations that can be enjoyed on the island throughout the year.


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