Ibiza In Winter: The Other Side Of The Island

All those who know well the island and have visited it in different times of the year agree: Ibiza has two faces. Some even say it has many more, and highlight its chameleonic ability to adapt to the needs, desires and excitement of each person.

Whether or not they are right, there is no doubt that wintertime Ibiza is radically different from its summertime version. As soon as the tourist season ends, not only do the beaches and roads empty, but the whole island molts its skin and becomes quiet and introspective. Many of the people who work in the tourist industry have become accustomed to maintaining this seasonal rhythm, and so take advantage of the winter break, not only to rest and spend more time with their families, but also to innovate and plan for the following season. This is something that happens with a special intensity in the restaurant sector. The revolutions experienced by our customers in the summer are always prepared during the calm of the winter.


Those who know the history of Es Torrent know that it began as a small wooden kiosk with a small staff and a simple limited menu. After reaching the three-decade mark in our history – and though we sought to keep our beachy essence -, we have changed to larger premises with better facilities and a great team of people who work with a much more extensive menu and a more sophisticated level of service, all in order to provide a special gastronomic experience to our clients. The sum of all the small changes that have accrued over the years, getting us where we are today, were born of winter’s serenity.

From a gastronomic point of view, the island also does an about face. In summer there is an unlimited offer of imported products, which are fused with those produced on the island. In winter, however, we keep to our local produce and foods. The sea gives us other species, the fields other fruits and it is now, in winter, when the forests begins to provide us with their best jewels: wild mushrooms, game…


The villages maintain some activity, but significantly reduced, leaving us time to meet again those who live here all year round. Now is when we most enjoy our customs and traditions with family, neighbors and friends, with whom we normally spend too  little time in the summer.

Some people, when they come to Ibiza in winter, are surprised by the calm atmosphere and miss the rampant and inexhaustible vibe of summer. That Ibiza, however, would be impossible without the slower pace of winter, without time to think up new dishes, discover new suppliers and conceive new services. It is an intrinsic reality to the island. At Es Torrent we have spent our whole life working this way.

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