Ibiza: Sunset Territory

Ibiza can be described in many ways. Its cuisine, for example, though not touted as broadly as its other attractions, constitutes an extraordinary aspect of the island experience. The same holds true for its stunning scenery and distinctive geography. In this regard, its sunsets rank highly. Ibiza is renowned for the spectacular way the sun drops into the sea, and an entire social ritual has grown up around this daily occurrence. Many visitors – and even those who live on the island – make it a priority to contemplate the sundown whenever possible.


Not only does a considerable part of the Pitiusan coastline face west, but the islands’ rugged outcrops offer many exceptional lookout points. Over time, certain beaches and natural spaces have come to emblemize the ideal sunset: Platges de Comte, Cala Tarida, Cala d’Hort, Benirràs, Cala Vedella, Sant Antoni Bay, Portinatx, Sa Talaia de Sant Josep, Ses Salines salt pans, Cap des Falcó and a long list of others. Ibiza has even spawned a music industry and genre associated with this time of day: chill out, born on the Ses Variades coast of Sant Antoni, a.k.a. sunset strip.


In Ibiza, the tides are practically imperceptible. But, for those who live here, there is a discernable sea change at dusk. During several minutes, the waves gain momentum, then subside again. Probably, the best place to see an island sunset is from a boat as you gaze across the rock-studded horizon. Our patrons often come to Es Torrent by boat and, when they’re ready to lift anchor, this tidal event is about to arise. If they have time tell them to make for Cap Llentrisca – visible from the restaurant – and then head toward the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell.  On the way, they will probably encounter fishermen hoping to catch squid, greater amberjack or cathead. Mother Nature rarely offers up lesser treasure.

Even at Es Torrent, though the sun sinks behind nearby cliffs, the twilight is a magical transition. Some people like to spend the day on the cove, and then enjoy a good meal followed de rigueur by desserts, coffees, digestifs and conversation. When it comes time to leave, they simply cannot tear themselves away from such an enchanted setting. In these cases, we produce a round of first-rate cocktails or a nice cold bottle of champagne. Then, the magic begins as fiery tones light up the sky, and the sound of the surf lulls all present into a state of calm. It is a moment of perfect tranquility that can be experienced firsthand right on our little beach. Yes, the Ibicenco sunset is a must at day’s end – and at Es Torrent.


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