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11 Mar Folk dancing, ‘orelletes’ and ‘bunyols’: ingredients for a fiesta

Throughout the year, every village in Ibiza celebrates its patron saint festival in the time-honored fashion. These events bring together two main ingredients in order to invoke the alchemy of Pitiusan culture, namely, folklore and gastronomy. “Ball pagès” is the name given to the traditional folk dance of Ibiza and Formentera. Ancient and rural in character, it is, in fact, an...

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24 Jan The Gastronomy of Ibiza: legacy of the island’s ruling civilizations

Ibiza’s gastronomy cannot be understood without considering the great civilizations that dominated the island and contemplating the legacy they left. Although many cultures disembarked on this island throughout history, there are four that had a determining influence: the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Moors and the Christians. Aiboshim Archaeologists assert that Ibiza has been inhabited since the year 5,000 BCE. However, it was...

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13 Jun Ibiza: Sunset Territory

Ibiza can be described in many ways. Its cuisine, for example, though not touted as broadly as its other attractions, constitutes an extraordinary aspect of the island experience. The same holds true for its stunning scenery and distinctive geography. In this regard, its sunsets rank highly. Ibiza is renowned for the spectacular way the sun drops into the sea, and...

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25 Apr Es Vedrà: Ibiza’s Most Impressive Islet

Ibiza is an island surrounded by many islets, which give its horizon a unique beauty. The coast of the southern half concentrates an endless succession of reefs, some of them very close to Es Torrent. The most important one, without doubt, is Es Vedrà, although to see it you have to move away from the shore. It is an unusual...

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09 Feb Ibiza: A Territory of Pirates and Corsairs

One of the island’s most unique points of interest is found in the port of Ibiza town and it’s shaped like an obelisk. Those who come and read the legend engraved on it are often astonished, as the monument pays homage to Ibizan corsairs. There is no other in the world except the statue dedicated to Sir Francis Drake in...

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21 Jan The Churches of Ibiza: Metaphor of a People

One often wonders how an island as small as Ibiza can have a cuisine as broad, varied and elaborate – even intricate – as it does. Some dishes, like salsa de Nadal (Christmas sauce), bullit de peix (stewed fish) or sofrit pagès (mélange of meats) require a labor-intensive preparation quite beyond what daily life would have allowed for. To understand...

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13 Dec Fishermen’s Huts: An Essential Part of the Ibiza Landscape

When one speaks of the Ibizan coast one always refers to the hidden coves, of transparent waters and colors that oscillate between turquoise and emerald over the sandy seabed, to the dark green and deep blue tones of the Posidonia Oceanica sea meadows. In these descriptions, however, a unique and characteristic element of Ibiza usually goes unnoticed, one that forms...

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15 Nov Ibiza In Winter: The Other Side Of The Island

All those who know well the island and have visited it in different times of the year agree: Ibiza has two faces. Some even say it has many more, and highlight its chameleonic ability to adapt to the needs, desires and excitement of each person. Whether or not they are right, there is no doubt that wintertime Ibiza is radically different...

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