05 Nov John Dory, an exquisite and mythic fish

Of the vast variety of fish that the coast of Ibiza provides, there is a selection of species of larger size to which the finest qualities are attributed to and which also have a higher degree of adaptability to many fish stews and traditional rice dishes in the Pitiusan Islands. Within the best large fish species, which are also the most...

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05 Oct Gillardeau oysters, the finest in the world

At Es Torrent we like to define ourselves as ambassadors of fresh fish and seafood from the waters of Ibiza and of recipes inherited from sailors and fishermen. To our customers we offer the local Pitiusan catch as first choice, but we are not the Taliban of gastronomy and are happy to enjoy the wonders that come from other seas,...

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26 Aug The ‘Raor’, the most coveted fish in the Mediterranean

September is the best time to enjoy the most sought after and one of the most exquisite varieties of fish that can be caught in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, the ‘raor’, Xyrichthys novacula (in English, razorfish), also known in other coastal areas by a variety of local names, such as ‘galán’, ‘lorito’, ‘papagayo’, ‘pámpano’, ‘peine’ and ‘pejepeine’, many...

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10 Jul Red Shrimp, the king of ibizan cuisine

Without doubt the red shrimp of Ibiza (Aristeus antennatus) is the flagship food of the Pitiusan gastronomy. With a unique taste and morphology, this crustacean is so intense and delicate that is worth enjoying it in all its glory, with just a little bit of seasoning. From the physical standpoint, the red shrimp stands out by the deep red color of...

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