19 Apr ‘Onion-skin’ Rosé, fresh summer wines

A decade ago, white wines dominated overwhelmingly the wine menus of seafood restaurants in Ibiza (and almost in the rest of the world too). Red wines were ordered sporadically, but always had an acceptable stock for serving those customers that weren’t into Muscats, Chardonnays or Albariños. The demand of known champagnes was also minor in relation to its current supremacy,...

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11 Mar Ibizan Cuisine in Holy Week

In our country, the cuisine in Easter is a whole category itself, but some dishes are so valued that have ended up being enjoyed all year round. Including the popular torrijas, pestiños, the ‘mona de Pascua’, potaje de vigilia stew and cod fritters, to mention some of the most popular ones. But Ibiza also has its own traditional Easter dishes,...

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09 Mar ‘Bullit de peix’ versus ‘guisat’

Without a doubt, among the fantastic seafood cuisine you can find in Ibiza, there are two absolutely masterful dishes: 'bullit de peix' and 'guisat de peix'. Two different dishes but with many similarities, and which are part of the key dishes in the menu of Es Torrent. However, depending on the part of the island, they will make it one...

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16 Feb Sant Josep, the South Land of Ibiza

Today, we will put aside food & cuisine and talk about the geography, small villages and the unique nature that surrounds us. Our restaurant is named after the cove in which we are located, Es Torrent, because of the torrent that in the rainy winters leads into the beach and which channels the water that accumulates in the surrounding mountains. When we opened the restaurant,...

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01 Feb The ‘espardenya’, a treasure of Ibiza

One of the delicacies of Ibiza that is virtually unknown outside the island is the ‘espardenya’, a delicious seafood with an unusual texture, which also constitutes one of the great successes of the menu of Es Torrent. Although in Catalonia and the rest of the Balearics, fishermen often call this animal by the same name, its most common name is...

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18 Jan The wine of Ibiza, fruit of Phoenician culture

In the post we published last October about the olive oil of Ibiza, we mentioned that the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus had already described the island in the 1st century BC as a territory of vineyards. But archaeologists have been able to date the origin of our wine culture back to even more ancient times: the Phoenician period of the...

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15 Dec Ibizan Christmas cuisine

In the Ibiza of yesteryear, the only source of income for the peasant families were nuts. All farms had large tracts of rainfed crops such as almond and carob trees. Both harvested in August. The almonds, once picked, were exposed to the sun in order to dry and take off the husk, and then they were packed in sacks. Once...

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12 Dec Hierbas Ibicencas, the forest in a spirit

Many country houses in Ibiza, forover 200 years now, still maintain the tradition of making Hierbas Ibicencas liqueur. Each home has its own recipe, but all integrate the classic forest flavors of the island. Since 1997, the Hierbas Ibicencas have geographical designation and there are several brands that produces and markets them, although the most original, intense and aromatic ones...

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12 Nov It’s ‘matanza’ time in Ibiza

From late November to mid-December, many Ibicenco families celebrate in their country houses one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year: the day of matanzas (the slaughtering of farm raised pig). On the island there is a long tradition of pig breeding and this is the season when the animals are sacrificed in order to lay in food...

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